Molly Williams – Textile Artist and Designer

Molly Williams is a contemporary textile artist.  She has a fascination with the human body and human experience informs much of her work.


Molly describes felt as ‘an ancient textile that can be manipulated and moulded’. What she loves about working with this particular material is that ‘the physical process requires energy and sweat but there is a spontaneous element along with anticipation of the outcome’. Her subjects have included contemporary dancers and the evolution of the feminine form through childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, marriage and motherhood.


Molly researches Ottoman textiles and ceramic design for kaftans and patterns for digital print and woven textiles. She investigates the symbolism and stories in the motifs and patterns. Delving into cultural textiles and pattern links me with past craftsmen and artists – ‘I like that feeling of membership’.

Commissions welcomed


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