I am a professional textile artist and designer craftsman specialising in Ottoman style kaftans, jackets and decorative throws and wallhangings and recently Giclee prints. I run my business from my studio in my garden.

I was very fortunate to spend my childhood in Africa and Turkey and my passion for Turkish and Ottoman design began when my father was posted to Istanbul for several years and I can clearly remember walking through the Topkapi Palace and marvelling at its amazing opulence and colourful treasures.

Cultural textiles and ceramics have always attracted me – they are usually very colourful, echoing the culture and environment and have a spontaneous quality; their patterns are full of memory and metaphor and link us to a mutual past.

Twelve years ago I achieved a BA Hons in Embroidered Textiles at Julia Caprara’s School of Textile Art and I have since exhibited every year in London with Prism Art Textiles and the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Publications and interviews