Garden figure 26th February 2021

Garden Figure 2021

My Garden Figure has been sitting in the same part of our garden for the last eleven years.

We moved to our new house in 2009, on a dark November evening. It had been a very long day and, as my son brought the figure up the drive, I asked him to put her somewhere in the garden, to be dealt with the next day. She has been there ever since!

She is called the ‘Garden Figure’ and has been gracefully weathering over the years.

Sadly, this year she has become very tatty and degraded, and I think the chickens have been pecking her!

We are moving to Shropshire in two weeks time. Garden Figure is too decrepit and fragile to take with us and I can’t bear to toss her in the rubbish! So, we have decided to burn her where she sits. Her ashes will remain in the garden here and I hope to retrieve some of the wire framework to incorporate into a new figure for the Shropshire garden.

I’ll keep you posted….

2 thoughts on “Garden figure 26th February 2021

  1. Please don’t cremate her! Let her continue to biodegrade and now that she has been “opened up” a bit maybe the wild birds will help themselves to a bit of her to line their nests in springtime


    1. Hi Jackie,
      I would have left her to biodegrade however we are moving house and she was so embedded in the ground that I could not lift her without tearing part of her body. I doubt the new owners would want her and I couldn’t just dump her. She was the first figure I made – for my BA final show. Burning her this weekend was somehow the best way – I am left with her chicken wire frame and will take that with me and who knows she may reappear. Best wishes


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