Handmade homemade soap!

As a felter I use a lot of soap and constantly have my hands in warm water. A mild bar of soap is so important.

I have been making my own soap for many years. I used to sell it at craft fairs when the kids were young – it was a great success at school fairs and fairs as a popular money raiser! I also taught soaping workshops. Now I just make it for family and friends.

I still have all my notes and handouts from the soaping workshops – so, with time on my hands during the current lock down, I have put them to work again in an online Soap Making Workshop

Learn about soap chemistry – Saponification – when soap is made from the reaction between oils and fats and Lye. The process is known as Cold Press soap.

Activities include:

  • The properties of oils and fats
  • Essential oils to fragrance soap
  • Colourants – natural herbs and spices to colour you soap
  • Step-by-step videos to make a batch of soap
  • How to design your own soap recipes with the help of a Lye Calculator
  • How to use a Lye calculator
  • Labelling and packaging.
  • Downloadable information and work sheets

Just click here or on an image to register and find out more! Its’s a lot of fun and very addictive!

Making cobblestone soap

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