Tunbridge Wells Artisans is OPEN!!

The Stables next to the George Pub Mount Ephraim

– if you are in the area pop in for amazing artisan made products. find that original gift!

We’re open Wednesday – Sunday 11am to 4pm

Pottery, wood craft, silk garments, jewellery, glass, paintings and prints, Lino print, driftwood, felt, ceramic mosaic, soft furnishing, children’s clothing……..



One thought on “Tunbridge Wells Artisans is OPEN!!

  1. Hello Molly dont know if you remember me – I think we met at the PURE Exhibition in 2015? Really love your work and would very much like to catch up with what you are doing now including the T Wells Artisans venture which look exciting. We have set up a small Applied Arts Group in PURE to try and raise the profile of Textiles/Fibre Art etc. If you have time to reply my best email is info@woolcraftwithwensleydale.com. Best regards
    Julia Desch


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