BA Hons Embroidered Textiles Final Show

The Mall Galleries, London 2009

Sketchbook images

Making the figure

  • Chicken wire
  • Wire
  • Wadding and newspaper
  • Cotton calico
  • Buttons
  • Upholstery yarn and needles

The Skin

I made a skin for myself and had a series of photographs taken of me in it.

I used Photoshop to digitally create a collage

My course tutor, at the time, was Sarah Braddock-Clarke, lecturer at Falmouth University. I went down to Falmouth to transfer my design to a woven fabric. I worked with Ismini Samanidou, technician and MA student at the time, to learn how to use Scotweave and their digital jacquard loom.

The collage colours were reduced to the number of weaves in the pattern. It was such an interesting process!