Hand made soap

How to make cold press soap

Chemistry in the Kitchen!

Hand made soap is perfect for felt making and this course show you how to do it!

A beginners guide to making soap at home in your kitchen.
Easy step-by-step lessons take you through the chemistry of soap, choosing oils and fats and blending essential oils to fragrance your soap and then how to make your own batch of soap using the cold press method.

You will learn about the chemistry that is Saponification, when soap is made from the reaction between oils and fats and Lye .

Activities include:

  • The properties of oils and fats
  • Essential oils to fragrance soap
  • Colourants – natural herbs and spices to colour you soap
  • Step-by-step how to make a batch of soap
  • Designing your won soap recipes
  • How to use a Lye calculator
  • Labelling and packaging.
  • Downloadable information and a work sheets

I first started to make soap 15 years ago to sell at craft fairs and local markets. I still  make soap for my family and felt making business,  and enjoy teaching soap workshops. Hope you will join me…


£15.00 – open enrolment


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