How to make an online Art or Craft course …the things they don’t teach you!


This is the course I wish I had found before I started making my first online course. 

It is for creatives like me – artists, designers and crafts people who would like to teach their practical skills to the world through video demonstrations. 

When making my first course I spent a lot of time finding out about equipment, lighting, filming and editing. 

In this course I have tried to highlight and answer some of the practical problems I encountered on my course building journey, so that you can get on with making your course. 

However, it is not a ‘how to design, plan, make and sell’ course! There are plenty of those out there and all the online course platforms provide their teachers with excellent, free ‘How to’ courses. 

Course Lessons:

  1. Welcome to the course and how to navigate the site
  2. Course platforms – choosing the right one
  3. Setting up your video station
  4. Videoing your work – lighting and editing
  5. Writing your course

This course includes information video, images and text and downloadable worksheets. 

So if you would like some useful setup advice – signup! 

The course is hosted on Ruzuku.