Contemporary Dancer 1st October 2021

6 – Week Contemporary Dancer online workshop

begins on Friday 1st October 2021

Registration is Open


This is an exciting online workshop where you will make a free standing figure 20″/50cm tall. You will learn a new, energetic wet felted process that has similarities to clay sculpting and can be easily adapted to make any shape or form. 

The course is suitable for intermediate felt makers and will include simple hand sewing techniques. 

The online classroom is hosted on RUZUKU – each lesson contains multiple step-by-step videos – over 6 hours of video – plus presentations and downloadable course information and worksheets to show you exactly what to do in a simple, clear format.

This workshop is limited to a small group. 


Lessons, with activities, open each week and take you through, step-by-step, how to designs and make a Contemporary Dancer.

PLUS I have added an extra BONUS WEEK 6 to show you how to upscale a figure and other useful tips.

Friday 1st October –  Week 1: Welcome and Research and drawing skills

Friday 8th October  –  Week 2: Making the skeleton 

Friday 15th October –  Week 3: Developing the musculature  

Friday 22nd October –  Week 4: Forming the skin and sculpting the body  

Friday 29th October – Week 5: Creating an awesome head dress and finishing  

Friday 5th November – Bonus Week 6 – Upscaling the figures and the useful tips

Course completes Friday 12th November 202


The online classroom is hosted by RUZUKU

Online teaching materials and resources are available to students for 6 months, at least, from the beginning of the class. The downloadable course material and PDF’s are yours forever.

There is an online Discussion Forum where you can chat to me and fellow students, – post comments and images.

I also run and weekly Zoom meetings online where you will meet fellow felters and ask me questions.

I will respond to all comments and questions during the length of the course and while the online classroom is open – I am mindful that there is a lot of work to do and it may take some of you a little longer than the 6 weeks.  As you will have full access to the videos, online class materials and Discussion Forum for 6 months, there will be plenty to time to work at your own pace.

It will be an amazing journey and you will learn a truly new and unique process! 

Join me to learn how to make your own fabulous dancer, full of movement and energy!

Contemporary Dancer Workshop October 1st 2021

Please click on the PayPal button below to pay for the course. You will receive a PayPal receipt followed by a personalised invoice from me, and a list of materials and equipment. The invitation to join the course on RUZUKU will be sent to your email inbox the day the course begins on Friday 1st October 2021. Thank you for joining me. Best wishes, Molly


What my students say…..

‘ Thank you soooo much for providing this wonderful opportunity to follow your tutorial!!! Your videos, hand outs, and personal connection has been outstanding! ‘ Tina

‘Molly – thank you for such a wonderful course. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning along with you and the other class participants. I greatly appreciated the research and design aspects of this course – it goes beyond the making of just one object , into how to think about gathering inspiration, researching , planning through drawing and observation and using wool fibres as a sculpture. You have provided quick responses to questions , positive feedback and encouragement as well as added additional material….’ Cheryl

‘I took a course with you and it was absolutely fantastic to learn these unique new techniques. I am a wet felter and the way that Molly has innovated wet felting techniques to create more sculptural forms (rather than using needle felting) is really interesting and opened up a whole new arena of possibilities for me for creating strong shapes – this is so innovative and exciting, thank you so much for sharing your way of working’   Mia Hartgroves

‘I loved the workshop. I am so glad we had the time to start to get to know each other. You have totally inspired me.’  Amy

‘Overall, I think the whole package so far is high quality, organized, easy to follow and maneuver around.  The videos are very clear. I find I can speed them up, slow them down or pause as needed to catch up.  Well done!!!’  Beth