Fractured 2016

Prism 2016 exhibition at Hoxton Arches London

‘Fractured’, as in smashed, broken, sheared – the sudden breaking of a solid, hard object – or life maybe.

Life Jacket


Lino print devore – black velvet Jacket

Current migration from war and poverty fracturing societies, families, individual lives.



A fracture in skin or bone creates imperfection, new patterns of interest and speculation maybe?







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Mongolian felt technique experiment – Part 1

I’ve always wanted to try to make a large piece of felt the traditional Mongolian way – by dragging a large roll of wool fibres, behind a horse, around the Steppes:

I love this film!

Anyway yesterday, with the advice of a fellow felter, Beth in New Zealand, I managed to make my prototype work – a roll of wool that rolled behind a ride on mower!

First, using a wool blanket in place of wool roving, I made my roll:

Next a tarpaulin to cover and protect

Attached to the mower with washing line ready to go!

Woohoo it works!!

Part 2 – the next thing is to do it for real, with wool fibres in place of the blanket.

Question: how long do I have to mow up and down till the wool fibres felt well?!

Hmmm….I hope to have the answer before too long.

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