Prism 2018 Hoxton Arches Gallery

One of the best Prism exhibitions!


A selection of artworks from the exhibition

My submissions

Life dance

Comprised of 28 small figurative felt sculptures.

I use the wet felt method to create these little figures

Exploring the Senses

Two large figurative sculptures suspended

Both pieces together in the gallery

My art work is for sale and I also welcome commissions.

Please contact me for further information.


3 thoughts on “Prism 2018 Hoxton Arches Gallery

  1. I love your figurative work. Do you ever use a resist to make the 3 D figure then put in the armature ? Your description said you lay fibers onto then felt. Such smooth surface you have Bravo.


    1. Hi Susan – Thank you!
      – no I don’t use a resist. I create a wire ‘skeleton ‘ and then place layers of wool around it and wet felt them to make the musculature. The colourful skin is made separately and stitched onto the figure and then made smooth with the final shaping using lots of soap and hot water.
      I will be working on plans for workshops later this year as have been invited to teach at the 2019 Felters Fling USA .
      Best wishes


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